Top 10 Most Popular local Review Sites for directories of Businesses

    A review site reviews is an internet-based platform on which reviews can be published on the products and services of companies, individuals and products or. The sites can use web 2.0 methods to collect reviews from their customers, or employ professional writers to write reviews on the subject of the website’s focus.

    Looking for the top 10 most well-known review directories for businesses can be a challenging task. With all the options there, it can be difficult to determine where to start. But, we’ve done all the work to help you find an index of the 10 top most well-known review websites.

    Top 10 most popular local review sites for directories of businesses

    f you’re looking for reviews on hotels, restaurants or other places the sites listed below will provide the information you’re looking for. Take a look at the list below and begin reviewing some of the reviews.


    1. Google

    Google is among many of the best review websites for companies, and with reasons that are well-founded.


    It’s user-friendly and has a number of beneficial features for companies like the option to set up a free profile that includes all the details of your business. Google also offers paid advertisement opportunities to help to get your company in front of customers who may be seeking out what you have to offer.

    •  Rank: 1
    • Cost free



    2. Amazon

    Amazon is a major player. It’s not a surprise that it’s the most popular review site for business reviews of e-commerce products. If you’re not using Amazon but you know someone who has used Amazon (or has used Amazon consistently).


    In reality, Amazon has been training customers to make use of their review system for quite a long time. So, we ought to applaud them for helping to educate a lot of people to stop using them and making it part of online customer manner of conduct, if you will.

    •  Rank: 2
    • Cost Free


    3. Facebook

    Facebook is a social online platform that can also be an opportunity to promote your business.


    Facebook users can make profiles, post images and videos, make messages, keep in touch with friends and family, and connect with their favorite companies and brands. Businesses can create an online profile for their business that followers can access.

    • Rank: 3
    • Cost Free


    4. Yelp

    If you’re searching an online directory for companies which are popular locally, the best review site is Yelp. Yelp is a site and mobile application that connects users with local businesses. It has more than 15 million reviews on all kinds of businesses including cafes and restaurants to salons and spas.


    The site allows companies to claim their listing and include additional information like opening hours, pictures, and contact information. This allows clients to find what they’re looking for , and reach out to the company.

    Yelp is completely free to use, and is accessible in all countries around the globe.

    •  Rank: 4
    • Cost Free


    5. TripAdvisor online reviews

    TripAdvisor is a website for travelers that allows users to leave reviews on destinations they’ve been to.


    You can also reserve rooms, find flights, find events, and reserve reservations at participating restaurants. TripAdvisor is available in over 25 different countries around the world.

    •  Rank: 5
    • Cost Free



    6. City Search

    City search is among the most popular local reviews sites that provide directories of companies.

    City Search

    It was launched in 1996 and gives users the ability to search for and read reviews on local businesses. City search also has an online directory of businesses that is organized according to category and location.

    •  Rank: 6
    • Cost Free



    7. Yahoo

    Yahoo! is an online portal which allows users to search as well as the listing of websites organized by categories.


    Yahoo Local is part of the site that is focused on listings for businesses. At one time, Yahoo and Bing were part of the Yahoo Bing Network however, the structure of Yahoo Local has changed.

    • Rank: 7
    • Cost Free



    8. Instagram

    Instagram is a social media network that allows users to post photos and videos.


    Users can take videos and pictures and share them privately or publicly through the app. Users can also use hashtags to appear in popular or niche categories.

    •  Rank: 8
    • Cost Free


    9. Tweeting

    Twitter is an online social networking site that allows users to send the ability to read, send, or post short messages, sometimes referred to tweets.


    Users can tweet messages, links and images as well as texts to followers. They may also make use of hashtags #hashtags if they want to search for a particular term or phrase.

    •  Rank: 9
    • Cost Free


    10. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a social network that is designed for companies. Members can join their networks of people they’ve made at workplace.


    It’s also a great method to expand one’s professional circle. Today you’ll need an email address of our sales team. That means that you’ll have to contact anyone who asks for an instance.

    •  Rank:10
    • Cost Free


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