The Top 10 Amazing Facts of The World

    The world is filled with surprising facts and a few that we don’t even have the opportunity to. There are more than 200 countries with billions of inhabitants and a myriad of species of flora and fauna and the secrets of nature which are filled with fascinating amazing, interesting, and enjoyable facts. If you’re one who is always looking to discover new information regarding the globe,


    Here’s the list of top 10 most amazing facts about the world.



    1. Fastest Gust Of Wind

    In Australia There is an island called Barrow Island, which was affected by a tropical cyclone named Olivia.

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    The tropical storm was so powerful that it was referred to as the world’s fastest gust of wind at at 353 miles an hour and also set a record wind speed which was 231 miles hour recorded in New Hampshire in 1934.



    2. The Best Place To See Rainbows

    Who doesn’t love to admire the beauty of nature and gaze at the rainbow?

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    The best place in the world to see rainbows is in Hawaii. In 2021 according to the American Meteorological Society, Hawaii tops the list of sighting beautiful phenomena of the rainbow. The quantity and quality of rainbow are best here due to its mountains, rains, pollen, pollution, and a huge number of cresting waves.



    3. Flowers Change Colours

    It’s not happening as some overnight phenomenon.

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    Still, a recent study of 2020 by the scientists of Clemson University has shown that the climate change on earth is causing this phenomenon, which we cannot see with our eyes. The depletion of the ozone layer has increased the level of UV radiation that earth receives. Increased UV radiation has increased the UV pigmentation of flowers that have deteriorated their pollen, and caused problems for pollinators like bees.



    4. The Mapping of the Ocean Floor By The Song Of Whales

    That might sound weird to you, but it’s a fact.

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    The male Fin whales sing deep bellowing songs to attract a female for mating. According to Scientific American, it is the loudest song by any marine life that can be heard up to 1000 km away. It can be used to map out the ocean floor sonically because it reaches a depth of 2.5 km underwater. Such sound bounces back and provides accurate measurements to the scientists. It’s more nature-friendly for sea life compared to the use of air guns which is the most common tool used by researchers.

    5. Plants that have fossilized in Green Land

    Almost the whole of Greenland is covered under an ice sheet but was it always this way.

    pexels pixabay 247599 scaled

    According to Britannica, Greenland is possibly the largest and only relic of the Pleistocene glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere. Under the ice sheet, about 1.4 km towards the core, scientists have found well-reserved biomolecules and fossilized plants. That means once the vast ice sheet was melted and was covered in greenery and the ice we see today is reformed.

    6. Recent Creatures in the Deep Sea

    It may sound like some science-fictional horror movie story to scare you, but there are some undiscovered and unidentified organisms in the deep sea, especially close to sea volcanoes.

    pexels svetlana obysova 7759191 scaled

    According to a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of United States of America near New Zealand deep-sea volcanoes, there are more than 90 putative archaeal families & bacteria and more than 300 previously unknown genera. According to some scientists, these deep-sea volcanoes are hypothermal and are linked to the origin of life. So, does it mean that they are the early signs of seeing future land dwellers?

    7. Mount Everest is Getting Bigger

    Mount Everest is the youngest mountain range, but it has physically grown and reached its maturity; this is what we have been believing until recent studies have shown a different result.

    pexels nanda ram gharti 12821233 scaled

    In 1856 the height of Mount Everest was 29,002 feet above sea level, which decreased in 1955 to 20,029 feet above sea level. But the recent measurement by surveyors of Nepal and China was done using GPS devices shows us that Mount Everest has increased up to 29,031.69 feet above sea level due to the movements of plate tectonics.

    8. The oldest profession in The World

    Dentistry is the oldest profession in the world, which date back about 9000 years.

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    Researchers have found a drilled tooth in a skull that dates back to 7500 year-9000 years. According to BBC University of Bologna, Italy has conducted biting research on a skull that was 14,000 years old. The teeth that were rotten in the jaw were scrapped out with some tools and deliberately scoured. This makes dentistry one of the oldest professions.


    9. Chili Peppers That Kill You

    Yes, you read that right; there is chili pepper named Dragon’s Breathe Chili Pepper that can be categorized as weapon-grade because it’s so hot that it can be downright deadly.

    pexels jaouad jk 1472866 scaled

    If you try to eat them, it can cause a type of shock called anaphylactic shock, which can burn your airways and close them up. This breed of chili pepper was developed by Mike Smith (hobby grower) and scientists of Nottingham University for some medical treatment.




    10. Twins aren’t any rarer.

    A few years back, people might have thought that having twins was a rare phenomenon, but the reality has changed now, and it is more common than ever before.

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    Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic presents the data that shows an increasing rate of twins. From 1915 to 1980, 1 out of 50 babies born was twins that have increased to 1 out of every 30 babies is a twin. According to scientists, this can be happening due to two reasons older women tend to have more twins, and IVF can also play a role.


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