Top 10 Camera Apps for Android Smartphones

    Cameras are an essential component that should be included on every smartphone. Cameras are extremely useful for taking selfies, recording memories, and making videos. So, having a great camera application is essential in today’s world.

    Unfortunately, not every camera apps come with an the alias feature by default have a acceptable quality. There are a few premium smartphones with cameras that can be considered to be standard, so the image quality is in-between expectations.

    We will discuss the top Android camera apps of the moment.

    10 Top Camera Apps for Android Smartphones

    1. Retrica

    Retrica is the most popular Android camera app which has been awarded the first position based on Android rank.

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    Nearly six million people users who have downloaded this Android camera app. Retrica is believed to offer many options.

    Apart from being able to take selfies with unique, interesting hilarious, current effects users of the application can also be spoilt with a variety of filters, as well as cute images and stickers. The result is pretty good. Would you like to test taking a photo using Retrica?


    2. Camera360

    It is likely that you are familiar with the name with the name Camera360.

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    This camera app will make you a impromptu photographer. There are a variety of advanced camera filtering and functions provided by this application. You can actually create DSLR-like photos using the app developed by PinGuo Inc.

    For this sophisticated camera app, you do not need to invest any money in any way. This is because Camera360 can be downloaded no cost, along with other products that are available in the app.



    3. B612

    Perhaps you’re already acquainted with the Android camera app. The B612 camera app that is extremely popular is also extensively utilized for Android people to snap selfies. It’s not much different than the previous Android camera app.

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    B612 also provides interesting features that are available to its users. The application is used more than three million times from the Play Store It also has effects, filters stickers, emoticons, and much more. It also allows you to embed text in your images.



    4. Candy Camera

    Do you want to capture great selfies? You can choose Candy Camera as one of the top Android camera applications.

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    Around 3 million people have downloaded the app on Play Store. Within the app, you can select different filters offered through Candy Camera.

    You can also alter your photos just like you apply makeup, using the beauty feature. In it, you can make use of accessories like concealer, whitening as well as blush, lipstick eyeliner, as well as mascara. Interested?


    5. SNOW

    SNOW is among the camera apps that is employed by Korean musicians and idols.

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    What makes this application so well-known? The reason is that this SNOW application is packed with intriguing features. This application can create a face that is thin or fat. In fact, you could create a nose appear perfect.

    Apart from being able to edit faces, SNOW also has the ability to help your face appear smoother. The best part is that SNOW has a wide range of filters that you can utilize at no cost. If you’re looking for either an indoor indoor-style filter all of them are fascinating. If you’re looking to try this application, you should.


    6. Cymera

    Cymera has been downloaded ten million times. This means that the application developed through SK Communications is in the list of the most popular apps.

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    In contrast to other applications, Cymera only focuses on making specific photos for example, faces of people. The application also comes with the standard tools filters, effects, as well as other tools for editing. It actually can detect the smile of your face, allowing you to capture the best pictures. It’s good news that Cymera can be downloaded absolutely nothing.


    7. BeautyPlus

    The name says it all the application is able to capture photos of its users, using its beauty effects included in BeautyPlus.

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    This app also lets you can pick a range of filters that will match the theme of your OOTD theme. Not just filters, but BeautyPlus also comes with a function to change the tone of your skin. It can be changed to dark or light skin tones. There are other benefits of using the BeautyPlus camera, such as the eye that is perfect. Therefore, this application can also show stunning eyes when you take pictures using BeautyPlus. Would you like to test it?



    8. Kuji Cam

    Are you looking for some vintageor black and white photographs? You can find both of them through Kuji Cam app.

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    The app is available to download at no cost from the PlayStore and offers a wide range of intriguing options, including more extensive lighting effect, time stamps 3D effects and self-timer.

    In addition, there are many other great features are available to you when making the

    upgrade to Kuji Cam Premium, which is Kuji Cam software.

    9. YouCam Makeup

    Are you unsure if you should wear makeup while taking photos? Do not worry, you needn’t worry about dressing in a dress to snap pictures. This is because there’s an Android camera app which allows you to take photographs that look exactly like the ones you took with makeup.

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    It’s true, YouCam Makeup is an application that will make your pictures appear as if they’ve been slathered in makeup. You can make use of all features, including makeup. Eye contour, lipstick, lip makeup and blush are accessible within YouCam Makeup. YouCam Makeup application.


    10. Timestamp Camera Free

    The Timestamp Camera Free is a photo-taking app that lets you add the current time and place when you record videos or take photographs.

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    It is possible to change the format of the time or choose the nearest location with ease. The app is able to make videos with time-watermarks which are precise by milliseconds (0.001 seconds).

    Timestamp Camera free supports 61 formats for timestamps and changes fonts color, font size and font size. making timestamps in seven locations: top left, top center the top left, and bottom right the bottom, center center, add location addresses and GPS automatically and so on.


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